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I provide education on how to effectively use zeolite for detox




Hi, I'm Jeff Hoyt. I believe in challenging the status quo in order to achieve results that have never been seen before. 

I am working to meet a need in the wellness community by providing education and effective strategies for using zeolite for detox and health improvement. 

The Higher Dose Theory of Zeolite

Check out my theory and thoughts on zeolite dosing

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Zeolite Guide

Learn about zeolite and what it can do for you!

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Coming Soon!

Zeolite Training and Certification Courses

Learn how to effectively use zeolite for detox and health improvement for yourself or your clients! 

What can Zeolite do for you?

Podcast Interviews

Liquid vs Powder Zeolite Supplements

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ZeoCharge™ Case Studies 

My Brands

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